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Book Recommendation

How Full Is Your Bucket by Tom Rath and Don Clifton

Imagine that you and everyone you know carries with them a bucket. When life goes well, the bucket is filled with happiness, good feelings and joy. When life is difficult and stressful, the bucket empties and may even develop a hole that lets all the joy dribble out. 

The focus of the book is looking for ways to have interactions with others that fill their bucket up, especially at work. This is not to take ownership for another’s happiness or reactions but to consider when your choices are creating difficulties for someone else. 

We all want a culture where our people take great care of our customers. Yet, we may be part of the problem if the way we interact with our team creates leaky buckets. It takes surprisingly small shifts to become someone who helps to fill buckets on a regular basis. The first step is awareness, which is exactly the point of this very easy to read book.