The Power of Ten Minutes

It is January. Most of my clients are working on annual goals (except those on a different fiscal timelines) and most have pretty big things they plan to achieve in the next twelve months. We are making sure that their goals are SMART and such. But that isn’t what will ensure a goal is achieved.  […]

Conquering Procrastination

One of the most common things people ask for help with is time management. When I dig down, I find that many clients are actually trying to fix procrastination. But, in most cases, procrastination isn’t really a time management problem. Instead, it is more about motivation (or lack of motivation) to get something done. When […]

Funky Feelings

The uncertainty of the past few years has made day-to-day living feel like the ups and downs of a roller coaster and resulted in a lot of funky feelings. While feeling a little off from time to time is normal, paying attention to how you feel and adjusting things to feel better is a good […]

Benefits of Changing Your Perspective


Most of us have heard of seeing the world’s glass as half-full or half-empty. The first is perceived as optimism and the latter is considered pessimistic. But, is it that simple? Like most things in life, probably not. There are more nuances to how we perceive life and where we put our attention is a […]

Intentional Recognition

Whether you have a brand new employee or one that has been with you for any length of time, it is difficult to overstate the importance of providing regular feedback and recognition. Yet, too many bosses prefer a “no news is good news” approach to employee communication. The idea that people “just know” if they […]

Time for Action

I love doing strategy sessions. I get to hear men and women tell me about their dreams and goals. I work hard to ensure that each person leaves with valuable knowledge and clear steps on how to move forward. Then I watch what happens.   It is easy to be excited about an idea when […]

Dealing with Curve Balls

When my marriage fell apart, the circumstances were traumatizing and stressful. There was a period of about two years when everything in my life was up in the air. I was afraid of what would happen to me. I was angry with my husband for his behavior. I often felt incapacitated and overwhelmed. Needless to […]

Orchestrating Drool Time

I am a person who always has a lot to do. I like it that way. The concept of a 4-hour work week with nothing to do but drink mai tais the rest of the time doesn’t appeal to me – I’d be bored (and finding things to do) within a week. But that doesn’t […]

Better “Work Life Balance”

There is no topic that is as near and dear to people as “work life balance,” but I rarely meet someone who feels they have it figured out. Together we are going to define work life balance and how to achieve it.   When I define balance, I think about two opposite things evening out. […]

An Extra 340 Hours Per Year

Business Coaching in Tupelo, MS

Each day starts and you do a task that takes you about 10 minute to complete. Someone suggests you give that task to someone else. You think, “It’s just 10 minutes, it is easier (faster, smarter, better) to just get that done myself.”   If that was your only 10 minute, every-day task, your approach […]