Meet Charlise

Hi! I'm Charlise

Over the course of my life, I’ve done a lot of different kinds of work. Some I’ve loved and some not so much. What I’ve learned is that doing things you love makes a huge difference in all aspects of life. While there are things that we don’t enjoy that can’t be avoided, there are a lot of strategies that can keep those things to a minimum.

One of the most interesting things about people is that there is someone who loves doing all the things you don’t enjoy. There is also someone else who would love to pay you to do the things that you enjoy. I see that play out every time I ask my bookkeeper to handle something for me. She is excited!! I’m relieved. We are both better off.

I love digging in with clients to figure out what’s working and how we can make everything work even better. I work with each client to define what they want to get out of our coaching relationship. Success isn’t what I decide it is. Success is helping my clients experience what they want in their life and their business. I get excited when I get text messages or phone calls about the improvements they are seeing in their business or life.

One of my jobs is telling clients things they don’t necessarily want to hear. No one really wants to hear that their behavior is causing disruption. Even though it isn’t as enjoyable, I feel satisfaction when I help clients understand what they can do to make things better. Awareness is the first step to designing and implementing improvements.

My Experience

My experience is varied and includes 10 years in construction (5 as a general contractor), 12 years in call center management, 15 years in corporate training, 5 years in project management, 2 years in scheduling/stats, 2 years as a retail store owner/manager, and 7 years in outside sales. Academically, I hold a Bachelor’s in Information Technology and a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology. I’m also a certified hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master Teacher. I’ve worked for and with many organizations, including American Express, National Electronics Warranty Co., and the Department of Health and Human Services.


Personal Life

I’m originally from Los Angeles but Northeast Mississippi is my home now. I love to cook, read, learn and I have a passion for ballroom dancing. I am the co-founder of the nonprofit Dancing & Singing With The King™ that provides opportunities for youth to improve their dancing and singing abilities, including offering dance classes in area schools.