Accelerate Your Success

Reasonable Rules

When I was a new coach, I quickly learned that a segment of my clients would say yes to just about anything they were asked to do. They answered the phone regardless of when it rang, day or night. They agreed to work early, late, and even in the middle of the night. They would […]

Are Your Goals Actionable?

One of the first things I do with each client is seeking to understand their goals. For me, this is defining the target we are trying to hit together. I’ve learned that many clients have general goals but haven’t drilled down to find clarity or create a specific workable plan to achieve their goals.   […]

Impactful Feedback

One of the hardest things for business owners or managers to do is to let someone who works for them go. Working in the call center environment, I got lots of practice. You see, call centers are a production environment where everything is measured and those who don’t deliver are let go. The standards are […]

Do More of What You Love

I was recently in a meeting with a group of business leaders. We were playing a home edition of Family Feud and the question presented was, “What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?” Common thoughts were to pay off debt, give to charity, go on vacation, buy a new […]

Clarity & Frame of Reference

I recently attended the Trusted Leader Summit provided by the Trust Edge. I think we all generally understand that trust in relationships makes things work better. Trust Edge has developed tools that help organizations and the people within them make decisions that improve trust. One of the pillars of trust is clarity.   I have […]

Organization’s Mission with Action

One of the things that make an organization truly great is the alignment between their stated mission and the actions they take. Every organization has an inspirational mission statement aspiring them to the best behavior in all interactions. There is a world of difference between displaying those words in the front of an employee handbook […]

Evaluating Your Risk

One of the scariest things about being in business is having to do things without knowing the outcome for sure. It might be that your side hustle has grown to the point where it really isn’t feasible to do it and your current job too. It might be that you need to set better boundaries […]

Using Gratitude to Your Advantage

If you’ve ever had a down day, you probably have realized the fastest way to feel better is look for things that you feel grateful for. When you shift your focus to the things in your life that are delightful, your spirits naturally lift. When you feel better, it is easier to find solutions to […]

Who Hires a Business Coach

When I tell people I’m a business coach, nearly everyone assumes that my ideal client is someone starting a brand new business. I’m happy to help new business owners, but they aren’t the people most likely to hire a business coach. In fact, my best clients have typically been in business for five years or […]

Leader Sets the Tone; Tone Creates the Culture

Have you ever noticed how music changes the atmosphere around you? It’s the reason dentist offices play calming music, while many restaurants choose something jazzy. Each one sets the mood for the experience the business wants people to have. Leaders are the music that creates the atmosphere within an organization. The atmosphere creates the culture […]