Accelerate Your Success

Getting a Fresh Perspective

As a teen, when parents or family members would suggest that I might benefit from therapy, I scoffed at the idea. I have lots of best friends who listen when I need to talk. They know me better than anyone, so why in the world would I go to a stranger who doesn’t care?   […]

The Power of Measurement

As gas prices continue to increase, a few stations in my area manage to keep their rates about $.20 lower than the rest. These stations consistently have lines that are three and four cars deep at each pump. You might think that taking the time to wait at the lower-cost station is a great way […]


The word should is one of the most common ones that comes up when someone is complaining. Employees should know what to do. Customers should understand how the business works. Family members should help each other.   The problem is that shoulding isn’t a productive use of time or energy. The should zone is outside […]

Why Do a Strategy Session?

Are you hesitant to schedule a Strategy Session with Accelerate Your Success? People often wonder if it is worth the time and if they will get value from spending 30 minutes with one of our coaches. In addition, people often ask what they should bring or how they should prepare for a Strategy Session.   […]

The Impact of Choice

Every day we each make hundreds of seemingly tiny decisions. Yet with each thing we say YES to, we are saying NO to many other options. Most decisions have very little impact on our day-to-day lives. Often, we can only see the cumulative result of hundreds of tiny decisions in retrospect. These many decisions take […]

Why Hire a Business Coach?

Business Coach

When you look at a top-performing athlete, it’s not surprising to learn they have at least one coach who assists them in being their best. The reason they need guidance isn’t that these athletes aren’t talented or don’t work hard. The simple fact is a coach brings knowledge, wisdom, and perspective that is hard to […]

Intentional Onboarding the Key to Success

When you decide to hire someone, you’re likely thinking about what they can take off your plate. The main reason for hiring someone is to help you! After carefully weighing your options for candidates and pulling the trigger, you’re probably hoping they can make an immediate difference in your business.   The reality is that […]

Dancing to Success

Charlise & Andrew Dancing Waltz

Last week I went to All Star Dance Camp. Prior to camp, my teacher Andrew Davis and I prepared a Waltz routine. We practiced and received coaching on the routine which we performed for everyone at camp. I’ve been dancing a little more than nine years and my performance at camp was the best I […]

Build Your YES List

As 2020 comes to a close, many of us reflect on the year that is finished. It is easy to focus on the things that we didn’t like and didn’t enjoy (this year had a lot of those for most of us) but it is often more valuable to use the information about what you […]

Are You A Solopreneur or An Entrepreneur?

Solopreneurs & Entrepreneurs are Everyday Heroes

As a business owner, it is important to decide whether you want to be a solopreneur or an entrepreneur. Both are exceptional paths to meaningful work. But the skills needed and the areas of focus are not the same. Solopreneurs have created a job for themselves. A job that they go to everyday and they […]